Who We Are

TGEG provides top-notch kids' desks and chair solutions that blend outstanding design, functionality, and budget-friendly pricing.

At TGEG, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and inspiring workspace for children. Our range of kids' desks and chairs are carefully designed to not only be visually appealing but also functional and affordable. Whether your little one needs a cozy corner for studying or a creative space for art projects, our furniture solutions are perfect for nurturing their growing minds. Explore our collection today and help your child's imagination soar!

Where we are
Located in Ontario, CA, our corporate headquarters oversee the rigorous testing of all our kids' desks for quality control, strength, and durability, ensuring they meet US manufacturing standards and laws.

TGEG Design and Comfort
To enhance our understanding of our clients' Design and Comfort preferences, TGEG seeks input from our dealer partners before launching new products. This research and feedback significantly influence our product lineup.

At TGEG, we understand the importance of listening to our clients and incorporating their feedback into our product development process. By collaborating with our dealer partners, we gain valuable insights that help us tailor our designs to meet the diverse preferences of our customers. This collaborative approach allows us to create products that not only deliver on style but also prioritize comfort and functionality. By working closely with our partners, we can ensure that our product lineup reflects the needs and desires of those who matter most - our valued clients.

In Stock program
TGEG offers 8 styles of desks and 4 different chairs with Fabric and desk color options. Special order fabrics are available on request.

Fastest shipping in the Industry
Orders from TGEG are shipped within 24 hours or can be picked up on the same day.

World-Class Service
At TGEG, we take pride in providing prompt, precise, and high-quality responses to our dealer network. In today's fast-paced environment, delivering quality communication in a timely manner is crucial.

Our Promise
TGEG provides affordable furniture products that are of high quality, well-designed, and functional.
We uphold top efficiency levels, offer excellent support, and ensure complete client satisfaction.

At YAYATOPIA, our aim is to provide your child with a functional and high-quality workspace that can grow with them by adjusting the height as needed. Our products not only offer practicality but also come in delightful colors like blush pink and baby blue, sure to charm your child.

Serving customers nationwide, YAYATOPIA offers a distinctive range of children's desks and chairs. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer care and ensuring that every aspect of your shopping journey is enjoyable.